Saturday, November 8, 2008

Florida's Gators

Greetings from Florida, Land of the Gators! I actually have run into a few alligators so far and the locals seem to be completely unafraid on them. They'll do watersports in Gator-infested waters and even swim along side the beasts for fun! Now I assumed that the risk of being attacked must be extremely low and the american crocodile is more likely to attack and kill. For the most part I was right, but after a little research I discovered some disturbing facts. Fatal alligator attacks on humans have increased over the years. In fact, 11 people were killed by alligators in the five years between 2001 and 2006. That kind of frightens me. But alas! People take risks everyday: surfing with great whites, swimming with gators, driving, flying, you name it. I just think people need to be more aware of the risks and know what to do when danger strikes!


Anonymous said...

Were you visiting the Everglades?
I live in SW Florida. It is actually quite common to see gators in lakes here, sometimes even the man-made lakes (they come through the drainage pipes or something). Sometimes they will come out onto the grass to sun themselves. But very rarely will animal control have to come out and get one...they usually keep to themselves.

Jack & Whitney said...

hey! can't wait to see you in a couple days. love, whit