Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fulford Cave

My dad and I had quite an adventure today. We drove to Sylvan Lake State Park to do some spelunking in Fulford Cave. The hike to the cave is just under a mile and not terribly difficult. However, right as we arrived at the trailhead, a downpour of rain kindly greeted us. And this rain did not let up. Finally, we made it to the enterance, which was a narrow culvert.

The cave is multi-leveled and fairly difficult to navigate. The temperature inside was 40 degrees! The wet clothing didn't help.

In the cave......................

The aftermath...............................


Anonymous said...

Hello Tyler,
My name's Laura, I'm 24 and I'm from Argentina. First of all sorry but my english is quite poor.
I tell you that I've been a fan of your dad since a little girl but I've never had the chance to meet him in person or see a show because he never went to Argentina ... - he should!! =) -
In addition I lived above a couple of years in Italy with my family, in Catania, and now that I returned to Buenos Aires, he went to play there.. incredible!

The good news is that for the first time in my life, I traveled to America to visit my sister (one of them, we are 10 in total) and I'm just here in Nashville.. yes now! =) and really this is a unique chance to meet Michael and, although I'm a little embarrassed, I'd even take a picture with him and his family ... his house, his piano, his dogs, I don't know! =)

I wondered if you would read this message and if it were possible to say hello.

I'll be here just for this week and I really love to be able to pass through your home to greet ... nothing more.
Although I did not actually know if Michael is at home.
Tell me please what you think about what I say and if we can come to see us even a few minutes ..

thank you very much! a hug. laura

Anonymous said...

i forgot! my e-mail is: